Donations needed… Please read

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See these two sweet boys.

Chewy is an English Bulldog whose sight has been compromised by his eye folds. Additionally his eye lids turn in and further irritate his eyes. He desperately needs his eye lids surgically repaired to lessen further irritation to his eyes. He is the meekest, sweetest boy and deserves whatever we can do to help him. His surgery is estimated at around $650.

Boomer is a doll as well but came to us with a perineal hernia. Now we’ve seen and heard of a lot of medical issues, but this one is new to us. Sadly it is a surgery that none of our vets do but is necessary to his health. We have been referred to TAMU and have been given an estimate of $3500-4200.

Both of these guys deserve to be helped. But these two surgeries financially will be more than we can bear financially and still continue helping others that come in.

We are putting together an auction to help offset these expenses. Look for details in the next few days. And please help if you can.

Donations can be sent via PayPal to Please choose the friends and family option so that fees are not deducted.

We love our tribe who always helps when it’s needed and we could not do rescue without each of you!