Adoption Process

Once you apply to adopt, the process generally takes approximately two to three weeks. We spend several hours screening each application. The following criteria are required to adopt from us:
  1. All pets currently in the household must be up to date on vaccines, annual exam, including a heartworm test.
  2. All pets currently in the household must be spayed or neutered, unless your veterinarian has determined that it would be detrimental to your pet to undergo this procedure. This will be verified by calling your veterinarian.
  3. All pets currently in the household must be on a heartworm and flea prevention regimen.
  4. A fence is not a requirement, but is a definite plus.
  5. Your veterinarian and personal references will be called.
If you have requested a certain dog on your application, you will be put on a list for that dog. If, after evaluation, the requested dog is deemed a fit for your family, then any applications for that dog will be given the opportunity to meet that dog in the order the applications were received.
Adoption Fees range from $200-$800 based on vetting needs, and each individual dog. Every Boston available for adoption is fully vetted including vaccinations, microchip, spay or neuter and is heart-worm negative or undergoing heart-worm treatment.