Tugboat found his people

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Well how about that!!
Looks like Mr Tugboat has scored big time with his new family. Mom and Dad are already head over heels and he is king of the castle. We heard even Grandma is smitten and guilty of spoiling him rotten.
Special thanks to MCAS and foster mom Yvette.

This guy has a wonderful life ahead!

Lucy Lou ~ ADOPTED

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CONGRATS LUCY LOU!!! ??? This amazing girl joined our rescue way back in March and has been patiently waiting for her forever family. Well, we are so happy to announce that they have been found, and Lucy is HOME!! She fits right in with her new family & they could not love her more!! This is what rescue is all about; let’s show them some LOVE! ?❤️ #STBTR #AdoptDontShop #Rescue


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Drum roll please! Miss Piper came to us with a laceration that had been stitched up but was healing. We could not think of a more perfect home to place her in until she healed than with Vaughn and Nancy Gamen. They were long time Boston owners, and had very recently lost their Penny to seizures. Although they had another, they still had a hole to fill. They have nursed her through some infection and having to surgically reopen, clean and resuture the wound. We are pleased to say that Piper is now healthy and on her way to total healing under their care. But most importantly, it seems that Piper has wound her way into their hearts, they are totally in love with her and she is now Piper Gamen! Congrats to Vaughn, Nancy, Piper and her fur brother Willie on becoming a big happy family.

Tucker – formerly known as Hunter

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One of the puppies from the January litter has been home for awhile, but now formally is home. Congrats Tucker, formerly Hunter, on joining Sara and family. I’ve followed this pup since they began fostering him in January. Not only have they taken him in, but have fostered several others for STBTR during this time. Another prime example of how our tribe enables us to keep saving dogs. Congrats Sara and girls on your new family member, and way to go Tucker on finding your perfect home!

Dixie Dee – puppy

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Meet Miss Maddie and her new pup, Dixie Dee. Dixie Dee was one of Tory’s pups – remember Tory and her two pups that came in from Corpus a few weeks ago. Long story short is Maddie needed a puppy in her life, one that she could raise and learn to take care of. Dixie Dee will be fostered by Maddie’s family until her vetting is complete, and then will join their family forever.

Remember our fosters are so important to what we do. We don’t have a physical facility so if we don’t have a foster home for a dog coming in, we can’t take that dog regardless of how bad it needs us. Our fosters get to play the trump card – they get first shot at any dog they are fostering!

Special thanks to Terri McKinley who rode shotgun with me late one night to make the pickup, to Anette Uher for taking them in to the only spot we had for quarantine late that night, and to Jennifer Manuel for fostering all three until the babies were old enough to leave mom! It truly takes a village.

Frankie – formerly known as Pinkie

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It’s official. Pinkie is now Frankie and has found her forever home with Yesenia and Matthew Salinas. They came all the way from San Antonio to meet her and fall in love. She has made herself right at home, and her family cannot fathom not having her forever. Here’s to your newest adventure!

Marvel ~ Happy Tail ❤️

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Remember Marvel? It took awhile for him to find his person. But enter Scott Marion into the picture from Tulsa, OK. He drove down all the way to Houston to meet him and it was a perfect match!

Initially he was going to make a second trip to get everything ready and take him home, but decided he was taking him home that day! Sometimes we get discouraged that a dog remains in foster care longer than we like, but the perfect home always is out there!

Congrats to Marvel on his new home and to Scott on his new family member. Special, special thanks to Michelle Reilly, who tirelessly fostered Marvel during his time with STBTR! We are beyond thrilled!


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What a lucky boy!!! Tucker, from our January litter will be spending his first INDEPENDENCE DAY with his new family!! ?????????

Big thanks to his loving foster family who cared for him until he found his! Couldn’t do #Rescue without you! Huge congrats to Tucker & The Bouillion Family and his new fur brother Roux!!

#STBTR #AdoptDontShop #Happy4th