Dixie Dee – puppy

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Meet Miss Maddie and her new pup, Dixie Dee. Dixie Dee was one of Tory’s pups – remember Tory and her two pups that came in from Corpus a few weeks ago. Long story short is Maddie needed a puppy in her life, one that she could raise and learn to take care of. Dixie Dee will be fostered by Maddie’s family until her vetting is complete, and then will join their family forever.

Remember our fosters are so important to what we do. We don’t have a physical facility so if we don’t have a foster home for a dog coming in, we can’t take that dog regardless of how bad it needs us. Our fosters get to play the trump card – they get first shot at any dog they are fostering!

Special thanks to Terri McKinley who rode shotgun with me late one night to make the pickup, to Anette Uher for taking them in to the only spot we had for quarantine late that night, and to Jennifer Manuel for fostering all three until the babies were old enough to leave mom! It truly takes a village.

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